Are Astrive Student Loans backed by the government

Astrive loans are privately given loans. These loans are not backed by the government, since they are issued by a private company.

Who is eligible for Astrive student loans? Astrive Student Loans are private loans provided by Union Federal Savings Bank. Currently no one is eligible because it is not accepting new applications.

When do you have to start paying back Astrive student loans? Astrive student loans have to be paid back generally three years after the loan phase time is complete. It depends on what type of details the loan has and what the individual situation is to determine exactly when the loans will have to be paid back.

Who might apply for a loan from Astrive? Astrive Student Loans are private loans that may be needed for students who have not been able to get all of the financial aid they need to pay for College. This loan program has been around since 2004.

Can you claim student loans when filing personal bankruptcy? You report all assets and all liabilities. However, government insured or backed student loans are NOT dischargeable.

What is the difference between a public and a private student loan? Public, or government backed student loans tend to have lower interest rates. Private student loans are more difficult to obtain, especially for young people with no credit.

Where can one get information on loans for college? You can get information on loans and grants for college by speaking to the financial aid department of the college you are planning to attend. The government also offers financial aid and grant information. A lot of banks also offer private student loans. These are not regulated the same way as government backed student loans.

Are private student loans more financially advantageous than student loans through the government? Student loans through the government are better than private loans due to the fact that the government does not have as high of interest on the loans, and you get a longer time to pay them back.

Are all student loans issued by the Federal Government? No..there are also private student loans.

How can someone get student loans from the government? Government Student Loans can be acquired from student loan websites such as StaffordLoan, WellsFargo, StudentGrants, PNC, gadai bpkb mobil cepat StudentAid, and many more.

Why are student loans usually guaranteed by the government? Banks don't have any collateral for student loans.

Where do you find student loans? In the US, you can get student loans through the federal government by using FAFSA.

In what ways are private student loans different from government loans.? Private student loans usually have higher interest rates and have to be paid in a specific time period. Government loans are more flexible.

Should I get private student loans or government student loans? Loans can help with the expenses of college. You should look into the loans at both a government and private level to see what has the lowest interest rates.

Can student loans be included in chapter 7 bankruptcy? Government insured or provided student loans are NOT dischargeable.

Learn About Forgive Student Loans? The forgive student loans program is a government-backed issued through Perkins or Stafford loans. You must apply through these programs to be considered for loan forgiveness. The loan amount subject to forgiveness can range from $1000 up to $100,000. Many students are not aware of this government program. In order to be eligible, you must meet certain requirements. Search for Perkins or Stafford forgive student loans online. Apply using their online application and they will...

Where can student loans be obtained? Student loans might be obtained from the government of each student. However, it also depends on which country a student studies. For example, a student studying in the UK can obtain student loans from the website of slc, which provided loans to most of students in the UK.

Statute of limitations on student loans? Federal student loans have no statute of limitations. The government can always try to collect.

Where can someone go to learn more about college education loans? You can learn about college education loans from government websites such as Student Loans and Student Aid. Other websites include CU Student Loans and Scholarships.

What government student loans are classified as consolidates? Most government student loans are always classified as consolidates. But the most known one is called Federal Student Aid and you can search that on an internet browser.

What loans can one get from the government in the US? There are many loans one can get from the government in the United States of America. One can get student loans, small business loans, and federal direct loans from the government in the United States of America.

Where can one get info on student loans from the government? One can go to Stafford Loan to both apply and find information for student loans. One must remember to fill out enough information to get the loans from the government.

What is a feature of most student loans? They are backed by the US Government is a big one. They also tend to have a lower interest rate than conventional loans. Another factor is the ability to extend or defer payment, something that is often not available with a normal loan.

How can student loan debt be consolidated? Student loans can be consolidated after graduation or dropping out of school by filing with the government to consolidate all federal student loans. Remember that non-federal loans cannot be consolidated.

Where do I go to apply for government student loans? Student loans are guaranteed by the federal government for students who have "need." Need is determined by FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which you can complete at website A subsidized student loan is one for which the interest is paid for by the federal government while the student is in school and through the grace period. Read about federally subsidized student loans here: website

Your father died and you have student loans outstanding Can you be relieved of this debt? Let me start by sending my condolences for the loss of your father. If the student loans were taken out by your father as PLUS loans, then the loans will be forgiven by the government. If you took out the student loans under your SS#, then you still have to pay on the loans, even if your father cosigned on them.

Can you tell me about private education loans vs. government education loans? If you do not want federal student loans, you can get private student loans through your bank, such as Chase or Citizens Bank. You can also get private loans through Sallie Mae.

Privately owned comapnies generally offer better stufdent loans than the federal government? In the USA, all Federally Guaranteed student loans have the same interest rate and same benefits. It does not matter if you get the loans from a private bank or directly from the government. Private student loans differ in interest rate and benefits for each bank. Federal Student loans have lower interest rates and better benefits than private student loans.

How can you find more information about the student loans interest rate? Information about the U.S. federal student loans interest rate can be found on the web. The best sites to seek this out are the government sites Student Aid and Direct Loans.

What are some types of student loans? There are many types of loans students can apply for, but the simplest categories are the two: federal student loans and private loans. All loans funded by federal government are administered through the US Department of Education's Federal Student Aid programs. Other types of student loans include: # Federal student loans # Federal Stafford loans # Federal Perkins loans # Federal Parent PLUS loans # Federal Graduate PLUS loans # Sallie Mae Smart Option Student...

Can bankruptcy wipe out child support? No. Child support and government backed student loans are 2 of the (not many) obligations that are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Of course, getting rid of other debts you have should make these easier to pay.

Can you settle a payoff amount with student loans? No you cannot settle student loan debt for less than what you owe. Student loans are federally backed, and will find that student loan lenders will not settle for less than the principal balance that you owe them. The best they can do is offer a deffered payment plan or a forbearance.

Where can I get fast student loans in Ohio? It doesn't matter what state you live in to apply for federal or government student loans. Check out website or website

Can you file bankruptcy on school loans? Not if they are backed by any federal program Wrong! You can obtain BK relief on federally backed student loans. Unlike traditional, private party bankruptcies, those involving federally backed student loans are adversarial proceedings in federal court. They are not merely filing a "garden variety petition" and having an interview with a federal trustee. For discharge, special circumstances must be pled and proved to the satisfaction of the court. See a qualified BK attorney.

Where can one find information about student consolidation loan information? Information about consolidating a student loan can be found by calling the official student loans company. Alternatively visit the government student loans webpage.

Will private student loan companies go after a cosigner if you file for bankruptcy? Gov't backed student loans are exempt from BKruptcy....they will come after you thru tax refunds or garnishment.

Can I refinance my student loans? There are many banks and companies that are willing to refinance your student loans. This is a good idea if you have many different loans or are having trouble with the payments. Do not refinance loans that are provided by the government, those are safer than private loans.

Can they send you jail for a federal student loan on defaul? Only if you gave fraudulent info to get it, keep it, or obstruct collection of it. Keep in mind that most student loans are federal government-backed financial aid, so there are enhanced penalties for those that abuse them. Borrowers guilty of no crime can have their tax refunds and wages taken, without a court order, for defaulting on their federal student loans in the US.

Which government website do you look for student loans online? There are several government loan sites that can help families receive aid for college tuition,,, or are just of few of the sites that can help families apply for government student loan.

Can I apply for government student loans? The government will forgive student loans in some circumstances, such as if you work for a non-profit organization, or if you're working in underprivileged areas. See the following web site for more information: website

Can you bankrupt an Unsubsidized student loan? In theory yes- student loans can be discharged. In practice- it is extremely rare. The only examples i have seen where a student loan is discharged is when the borrower is paralyzed, have a severe neurological disorder, or has been diagnosed with an end stage illness and are therefore unable to work. A discharge of student loans is so rare that most attorneys flat out tell potential clients that student loans are not dischargeable. I'm...

Are export credit agencies fully government-backed? Export credit agencies are independent entities that offer government-backed loans, guarantees, and risk insurance. Typically, these agencies target high-risk companies abroad (often in developing countries).

What is a direct loan and what are the benefits of it? Direct loans are federal student consolidation loans. The government pays off your various student loans, then you pay the government directly, one payment each month. This is very convenient, for rather than making several payments each month for your student loans, you just make one, right to the Department of Education.

How much will be garnished for student loan? In the US, the government can garnish up to 15% of your wages for defaulted federally guaranteed student loans. You can get out of default by rehabilitating your loans in 12 months, or by consolidating your loans. If you need help with the consolidation of defaulted student loans, click on the link below.

What is the average amount government gives for student loans? Government student loans differ depending on the individuals circumstances. To get an accurate figure the best way is for you to contact your local student loan office and they can give you more information according to your individual circumstances.

Where can I find information about government student loans? The best way for finding information about government student loans is to check Student Financial aid or Federal government programs. you have to look for programs that concerning your eligibility and contact them by phone, email or write them.

Can you file bankruptcy on government loans? No to all student loans. However you can apply for a deferral on the basis of financial need.

Is there a company that ofers private student loans? There are many companies that offer private student loans as an alternative to the federal loans and grants offered by the government. Some examples are Sallie Mae, Chase and Discover.

How does one go about getting student finance loans? Student finance loans are best acquired through the student government financial aid website. Fill out the necessary information and the government will determine how much is needed for school and link you with available loan options.

How do i borrow money from the government? Depends on what you are borrowing it for. Small business loans, FHA loans, student loans are through different agencies. You don't borrow directly from the government. You borrow from a private lender, and a government program guarantees them repayment.

How will student loans affect your credit? OK, I cannot agree. I have about $39,000 in student loans and before I was in repayment period my loans showed up on my credit report but showed deferred status with a date. I have now graduated and I still have a six month grace period. Your student loans are still factored into your overall credit score and they affect your credit score negatively only if they are not paid on time. Answer NOT MUCH...

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